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Meet the Women in Chemistry Board!

Sarah Reisman

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sarah Reisman

reisman @

Sarah started her independent career at Caltech in 2008 and is currently the Bren Professor of Chemistry. She has been the faculty advisor for Women in Chemistry since its inception in 2012. She is passionate about supporting women in chemistry.


Secretary: Laura Quinn

lquinn @

Laura has been a resident of the four most populated states in the country—she grew up in New York, studied chemistry at Rice University in Houston, TX, lived in Florida for a summer, and has been in California since coming to Caltech in 2019. She's currently a G4 in Professor Katherine Faber's lab studying the chemistry of porous ceramics. In her free time, Laura enjoys running, cooking, and listening to true crime podcasts.


Event Chair: Xiaotian Bi

xbi @

Xiaotian was born and grew up in China. Joining Caltech in 2019, Xiaotian now is a fourth-year graduate student majoring in Chemistry. Xiaotian works with Dr. Lu Wei and wants to apply Raman-based imaging tools in biological systems. Outside of the lab, Xiaotian enjoys hanging out and movies.


Co-president: Kali Flesch

kflesch @

Kali was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She got her B.S. in chemistry at University of Wisconsin – Madison where she worked in the laboratory of Prof. Shannon Stahl. Excited to get away from Wisconsin's cold winters, she moved to Pasadena where she currently is a third-year graduate student in the Stoltz group. In her free time she enjoys hiking, skiing, and surfing all around California.


Community Liason: Emily Chen

epchen @

Emily is a third-year graduate student studying organic chemistry and machine learning in Professor Sarah Reisman's group. She hails from New York and accordingly loves a good bagel and cup of coffee. You can find her on the third floor of Schlinger with her dog, June.

Skylar Osler

Co-president: Skylar Osler

sosler @

Skylar grew up in Tacoma, Washington. She earned her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Davis, where she worked on the synthesis of novel two-coordinate transition metal complexes in the laboratory of Philip Power. After graduation, Skylar joined the Discovery Chemistry department at Merck in South San Francisco. Despite her love of sourdough bread and Golden Gate Park, she was excited to move down to Pasadena and learn more about physical organic chemistry in the Robb group! In her free time, Skylar enjoys biking around the Rose Bowl and perfecting her banana bread recipe.


Communications Chair: Katie Luedecke

kluedecke @

Katie was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up nearby in Schaumburg. Her family relocated to Georgia, and she did her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia (B.S. in Chemistry). There, she worked in the synthetic inorganic laboratory of Dr. Greg Robinson. At Caltech, Katie is an NSF graduate research fellow and works on systems related to renewable energy and quantum information science in Dr. Ryan Hadt's physical inorganic chemistry laboratory. In her free time, Katie enjoys reading, writing poetry, and spending time outdoors (all enhanced by a glass of red wine– preferably a Malbec).